I had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Judge Barrett recently. She is an extraordinary individual and a distinguished jurist. As a judge on the 7th circuit court who clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia, she is a brilliant choice to serve on our nation's highest court. During our meeting, she explained that her judicial philosophy is to stick to the text of the Constitution and follow the law wherever it leads.

A Role Model: I am encouraged we have a strong and accomplished woman going through the Senate's confirmation process. As the first woman with young kids to potentially join our nation's highest court, we should recognize that Judge Barrett is a role model for our young women. She is proof that women do not need to choose between being a mother and rising to the top of their careers.  

In the coming weeks, I will review her record carefully. Follow my social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter, to stay up-to-date on the process.

In Other News!

I have recently introduced two new pieces of legislation which will benefit Nebraska agriculture. The Cattle Market Transparency Act of 2020 comes in response to the severe conditions our cattle ranchers have been facing, including market shake-ups like the Holcomb plant fire and the outbreak of COVID-19. This bill will ensure a sufficient number of cash transactions to facilitate price discovery and equip producers with more price information to assist them with their marketing decisions.

Further, the Haulers of Agriculture and Livestock Safety (HAULS) Act builds on my previous efforts to ensure our ag and livestock haulers have the support to continue doing their job by modifying hours-of-service exemptions. COVID-19 has highlighted why it is necessary to cut back on excessive regulations that have burdened our haulers and producers as they work to keep shelves stocked during this difficult time. Find out what people are saying about this bill here

Funding the Government

Congress has passed a continuing resolution to keep the government open until December 11. Through bipartisan cooperation, I am pleased we replenished funding for the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), ensuring necessary payments continue for our farmers, while also funding resources for essential food aid nutrition programs.

During these negotiations, I joined other agriculture senators in calling on Congress to include these critical resources to provide relief and support to our ag producers.

Watch Video Here

It is always a pleasure to meet with Nebraska advocates from JDRF to discuss how type 1 diabetes impacts people's lives and the importance of funding research.

The Nebraska National Guard's Camp Ashland held its groundbreaking ceremony to repair the 2019 flood damage. I am pleased to have helped secure $60 million in federal funding to rebuild this historic training facility.

As we continue our work in the Senate, follow me on my social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep informed on what is happening.

Stay Well,

Senator Deb Fischer 

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