WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), a member of the Senate Commerce Committee and chairman of the subcommittee on Transportation and Safety, introduced the Haulers of Agriculture and Livestock Safety (HAULS) Act to increase safety and flexibility for the transport of agriculture and livestock products.

“Nebraska plays an integral role in the U.S. beef production chain as a top state for commercial cattle slaughter, all cattle on feed, commercial red meat production, and livestock cash receipts. Unfortunately, current federal regulations fail to account for the intricacies involved with hauling live animals. The HAULS Act would help mitigate situations where a hauler is forced to choose between compliance with federal law or the health and welfare of the livestock on board. Nebraska Cattlemen sincerely thanks Senator Deb Fischer for her commitment to delivering needed regulatory flexibility for livestock haulers by helping facilitate longer hauls that are inherent to cattle production in our state,” said Ken Herz, president of Nebraska Cattlemen.

“Going back to her days in the Nebraska Legislature, Senator Fischer has been a long-time champion of a common-sense approach to transportation rules and regulations. The HAULS Act provides needed regulatory relief to our nation’s farmers, ranchers, and ag haulers. We appreciate the introduction of this important piece of legislation, and we stand ready to work with Senator Fischer to ensure it becomes law,” said Stephen D. Nelson, president of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation.

“Farmers and ranchers must be able to get their crops and livestock to market efficiently and safely. The HAULS Act modernizes trucking regulations to meet the needs of our members.  I applaud Senator Fischer for her leadership on this important issue and I look forward to working with her to get the HAULS Act enacted into law,” said Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

"For years livestock haulers and producers were unduly burdened with Hours Of Service regulations that do not take into account the unique difficulties that these drivers face every day. The COVID-19 pandemic has only further illustrated how important it is to allow these drivers to quickly and safely reach their destinations, and in turn keep grocery store shelves stocked with beef. Thank you to Senator Fischer for her continued work and recognition of the needs of our producers and haulers,” said National Cattlemen’s Beef Association president Marty Smith.

“Nebraska Grain and Feed Association thanks Senator Deb Fischer for her leadership and introduction of these three important incremental changes in the Senate Bill 4720, Haulers of Agriculture and Livestock Safety (HAULS) Act of 2020. For Nebraska, the addition of feed ingredients, such as soybean meal and distillers grains, to the agricultural products definition benefits the transport of agricultural products providing more consistency and efficiency which benefits the consumer.  The Association supports these changes and believes these changes will help the seasonal transportation spikes of food, fiber and other agricultural supplies,” said Kristi Block, Executive Vice President of Nebraska Grain and Feed Association. 

“America’s sheep producers rely on safe and efficient transportation to get livestock from the farms and ranches across the country to the limited geographic areas where they can be processed. Senator Fischer’s legislation allows producers like myself to continue to keep the supply of fresh American lamb running, while ensuring the safety and welfare of our sheep and lambs during transport. The American Sheep Industry Association thanks Senator Fischer for her efforts to promote American agriculture,” said Benny Cox, President of the American Sheep Industry Association.

“AFTC applauds Senator Fischer on her introduction of the HAULS Act of 2020. This language provides the ag community with continued flexibility during the busiest times of the year, while expanding uniformity and clarity for the transportation of our nation’s ag products,” said Jon Samson, Executive Director of the Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference. 

“The LMA sincerely thanks Sen. Fischer for her continued partnership in the arena of livestock transportation, which has been further advanced by the introduction of the HAULS Act. LMA member markets and the farmers and ranchers they serve desperately need long-term and meaningful relief from the one-size-fits-all rules that apply to transportation of livestock. The HAULS Act goes a long way toward achieving that help,” said Larry Schnell, Livestock Marketing Association President.

“By expanding the agricultural exemption to trucking hours-of-service rules, Sen. Fischer’s HAULS Act of 2020 would greatly increase the rules’ usefulness for agricultural haulers across the country. Moreover, the bill’s addition of feed ingredients would make more agricultural products, such as soybean meal and distillers grains, eligible for the agricultural exemption and create more consistent trucking rules.   NGFA commends Sen. Fischer for her leadership, and urges that her bill be incorporated into a reauthorization of the FAST Act,” said Randy Gordon, president and CEO of the National Grain and Feed Association.

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