“We Have Had No Help from This Administration in Securing Our Own Border and Protecting American Citizens Since Joe Biden Took Office.”

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business today to discuss the humanitarian and national security crisis at the U.S. southern border. Senator Fischer also discussed the House-passed legislation that would force the sale of, or ban, the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok, as well as the dangers of U.S. foreign adversaries accessing millions of Americans’ personal data through online information platforms.

During the interview, Senator Fischer discussed the murder of Laken Riley allegedly by an illegal migrant and news reports that former President Trump met with the Riley family — while President Biden did not.


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On the Administration's Refusal to Secure the Border:

“Well, obviously, my party — all Republicans are very, very worried that we don't have a secure border, and we don't see any help coming from our Democrat colleagues.

“We see absolutely no action being taken by President Biden. In fact, he has said publicly that he plans on taking no executive order action to control and secure our border.

“So, we're seeing now these prison gangs come into the United States. Customs and Border Protection has identified the tattoos that they have to try to help their agents identify them, identify more of them because we know they're being sent to our country.

“But, we’re getting no help from this administration. We have had no help from this administration in securing our own border and protecting American citizens since Joe Biden took office.”

On President Biden’s Failed Response to the Alleged Murder of Laken Riley:

“Well, it's very serious. All of us know about the murder of Laken Riley, and the reaction by the president to it was really disgusting. We saw President Trump meet with the family, embrace the family.

“We saw President Biden barely mention it in his State of the Union speech and has had no outreach to the family. The alleged murderer is from Venezuela.”

On the Importance of Defending America’s National Security:

“You know, a core responsibility, a core duty of the federal government is national security. Well, we aren't seeing that happen with regard to our own border. Another core duty of a government is public safety. And when we know and we are being told by government officials, Customs and Border Protection, that these prison gangs are coming into the United States.

“They're trying to get their agents' help in identifying them, but the agents aren’t receiving help from this administration. So, we have a public safety issue here on many different fronts: national security with no border security, and gangs now — more and more gangs coming into this country, murdering and harming American citizens.”

On the National Security Risks of TikTok:  

“Well, I support the House bill as I see it. Now, I think when it comes to the Senate, there may be some efforts to amend it to address some concerns that members have.

“But let's be honest about it. We are, once again, talking about national security. We need to be aware of what TikTok is in this country and how the Chinese are targeting a whole generation of Americans.

“They’re gathering a tremendous amount of information. You know, I like to say they’re vacuuming it up. They’ll be able to use that in the future by knowing people's preferences, what they pause to look at on TikTok, what grabs their attention, how they would be able to influence these kids as adults in the future, on how they act, what they think, and how they vote and influence that. 

“You know, when we look at targeting TikTok, let’s remember we’re not talking about banning and targeting TikTok.

“We’re talking about targeting a foreign adversary owning a company that has such influence here in the United States. In the Cold War, we’d never would have let the Soviet Union have any kind of power that the Chinese government has now.”

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