“President Biden's Messed Up Every Decision That He Ever Made or Ever Wanted to Make When it Comes to Foreign Policy.”

U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business today to discuss President Biden’s failed foreign policy and his inconsistent support of Israel.

Senator Fischer also discussed rising prices and how the “border security” vote this week is designed to give Democrats political cover.

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On President Biden’s Inconsistent Foreign Policy:

Maria Bartiromo: Joining me now is Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer, Ranking Member of the Senate Rules Committee and a member of the Senate Armed Services and Appropriations Committees. Senator, thanks very much for being here. Your reaction to the ICC move? Amal Clooney, all of it?

Senator Fischer:
 Well, the whole thing just shows that President Biden, he’s inconsistent. He's a hypocrite when it comes to this. One day, he's condemning the ICC for these baseless warrants that they came out with. The next day he is giving a commencement speech, where he's calling for a complete ceasefire that Israel should adhere to. He's telling Israel what they need to do. He is telling a democratic government what they need to do to protect their country, to protect their people. It's just shows the chaos that we see on many, many issues from this administration. 

Maria Bartiromo:
 Yeah and this guidance, basically from the guy who botched up the withdrawal from Afghanistan. So, we should listen to him in terms of foreign policy, I guess?

Senator Fischer: Well, no. We should not be listening to him when it comes to foreign policy. Bob Gates gave the best quote on that, that President Biden's messed up every decision that he ever made or ever wanted to make when it comes to foreign policy. And we lost 13 good military men and women because of that botched up withdrawal from Afghanistan.

On Democrats’ “Show Vote” on the Border:

Maria Bartiromo:
 Yeah, so obviously, the “iron clad” statement was just simply a campaign talking point. Is “I want to secure the border,” another talking point? President Biden spoke with House Speaker Mike Johnson this week and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell about the border bill. They talked yesterday, and the White House is saying that Biden urged Republicans to "stop playing politics and pass the bill quickly,” insisting it would make our country safer. Speaker Johnson writes this on X, even before speaking with Biden, he wrote, "Leader Schumer is trying to give his vulnerable members cover by bringing a vote on a bill which has already failed. Should it reach the House, the bill would be dead on arrival." Senator Chuck Schumer says he's going to bring this border bill to the floor this week. And we know the bill. This allowed 5,000 people into the country before the White House can do anything about it on top of the 10 million illegals already here. How do you plan to vote on this?

Senator Fischer:
 Well, I'm a no on it. You know, it's a show vote. And that's what Schumer is trying to do here is to protect his vulnerable Democrats in their upcoming election. Everybody knows that this border is chaotic, and it is not secure. And Schumer can try and hide that. But this administration right now has the power to change it. They have the power to build the wall. They have the power to reinstate the Remain in Mexico. They have the power to end catch and release. Are they doing it, Maria? No, instead they want a show vote that means absolutely nothing, that will not secure our border.

On Democrats’ Political Games:

Maria Bartiromo:
 Well, I mean, “show vote.” What a waste of time and money. Senator, do you think the Senators, your colleagues understand that people are sick and tired of all the politics instead of just answering and doing things for the American people, making our lives better. But it's all politics. Everything's politics all the time. So, you bring a vote to the floor because you want to have a show vote?

Senator Fischer:
 Exactly, the American people know it. I know that Nebraskans do. You know, they want to know what we're working on here in Washington, DC that's going to make their lives better. They want to know how we're going to address inflation, and try to reduce that growth we see of, what 20%, over 20% now for groceries, for rent, for energy. That's what people are addressing when I'm back home in Nebraska and listening to them. They're tired of this BS that we have going on here in Washington with the other party setting the agenda in the United States Senate bringing up nominations, nominations, and show votes when we have major, major issues from the border to the cost of living here in this country.

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