WASHINGTON, D.C. – At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today, U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) expressed her support of Judge Susan Bazis’ nomination to the U.S. District Court of Nebraska. During her remarks, Senator Fischer urged her Senate colleagues to approve the nomination.

In December of 2023, she championed Judge Bazis’s nomination and issued the following statement:

“I was honored to recommend Susan Bazis to be a federal judge for the District of Nebraska to the White House earlier this year. A bright legal mind, Judge Bazis is a dedicated public servant who works hard not only to administer justice fairly, but to make our court system more efficient. Her broad experience in both criminal and civil affairs will continue to serve our state and its people well. I encourage all of my Senate colleagues to support her nomination—congratulations, Susan,” said Senator Fischer.

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Following is a transcript of Senator Fischer’s remarks:

I am here to express my support for Judge Susan Bazis as she pursues confirmation to the judicial vacancy in the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska. I was honored to recommend Judge Bazis for this position to the White House last year.

Judge John Gerrard, who previously served in this seat, assumed senior status last year. He has served Nebraskans justly and faithfully for the past three decades. Judge Gerrard leaves behind an incredible legacy. He must be followed by an exemplary candidate with undeniable skill and integrity. Judge Bazis is exactly that.

She has a keen legal mind and tremendous expertise and competence in applying the law. She has decades of experience as an attorney, a judge, and a public servant. Judge Bazis is exceptionally qualified — the American Bar Association Standing Committee rated her unanimously as Well Qualified, the highest possible rating. 

Her record speaks for itself. Judge Bazis has served as a federal magistrate judge for the District of Nebraska for seven years. She is already highly familiar with the court, its processes, and its immense caseload.

Unlike other district courts across the country, Nebraska’s District Judges intentionally use the court’s Magistrate Judges to their fullest extent. This ensures maximum efficiency for the court. Judge Bazis is accustomed to a busy docket of cases she must address quickly and thoroughly. This has prepared her well for the demands of Nebraska’s federal bench.

Over the course of her lengthy career, Judge Bazis has had well-rounded experience in both criminal and civil law. Before she was selected for her current position, she was a Nebraska County Court Judge for Douglas County for nearly a decade.

Her experience is not only reflected in her legal abilities, but also in her fair-minded temperament, her professional character, and her integrity. As part of her role as a magistrate judge, Judge Bazis has demonstrated initiative and skill in a broad range of areas. 

Not only does she work tirelessly to administer justice impartially, but she works to make the court system more productive and effective. She focuses on ensuring security in the courts and using technology to increase judicial efficiency.

She is also a member of the Consortium of Tribal, State and Federal Courts, where she works to improve the working relationship among the courts. She is dedicated to strengthening public trust in the judicial system and expanding access to the system.

Judge Bazis’s qualifications and commitment to upholding our laws and our Constitution leave no questions about her ability to take on this role as a federal judge. Her confirmation to Nebraska’s federal bench is also urgently needed to ensure that we fill this outstanding vacancy in a timely manner. I encourage all my colleagues to enthusiastically support this nomination.

I offer my sincere congratulations to Judge Bazis for this honor, and I unequivocally recommend her for this seat. 


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