Dear Friend,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends. We have so much to be thankful for here in Nebraska and across our great country.

In November, I continued fighting for America’s interests by standing with our ally Israel. I also introduced the Real MEAT Act to end plant-based protein products’ deceptive marketing that drives consumer confusion.  

As a cattle rancher, I’ll never stop advocating for Nebraska’s rural communities and our agricultural industry. Last month, I backed legislation to support these communities and continued promoting my bills to expand producers’ access to precision agriculture technologies.

Read more about my work for you below.


Last month, I spoke on the Senate floor about the importance of standing by our ally Israel in the wake of brutal attacks by Hamas, which led to the murder of Israelis and Americans alike. America stands with the people of Israel, as we have since Israel was recognized as a country in 1948.

During my remarks, I highlighted the need to rebuild our defense infrastructure. I cited a recent bipartisan report, which found that we are not prepared to deter our two nuclear competitors, China and Russia, in the future. As a country, we’ve ignored the global threats these nations pose for too long.

Last month, I joined a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken demanding that the administration press for broader, more effective sanctions against Iran.

In the Senate, I’ll keep working to promote policies that strengthen our military readiness, support our troops, and ensure that America stands with our allies.


It’s time to end the propaganda of fake meat products that deliberately confuse consumers. Last month, I introduced the Real Marketing Edible Artificial Truthfully (MEAT) Act to end deceptive labeling practices for fake meat.

My Real MEAT Act would clarify the definitions of beef and pork in labeling by requiring alternative proteins to clearly display the word “imitation” on their packaging.

Americans deserve to know what’s on their dinner plates, and they should know that these imitation products aren’t held to the same food safety and labeling standards as real, nutritious beef and pork. 


Rural communities are essential to our nation’s success. Here in Nebraska, 50 out of our 93 counties are classified as rural, and a third of our population lives in rural areas.

Last month, I joined U.S. Senator Bob Casey in introducing the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act to strengthen America’s small towns. Our bill creates a grant program to address urgent needs — like affordable child care, housing, and job training. It will also help rural communities access and use federal funds.

During a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing this month, I promoted solutions that remove barriers to precision agriculture technologies, so that producers can do more with less. Farmers and ranchers are already using precision ag technology to improve yields, reduce inputs, and optimize water usage, but we can improve the accessibility of these tools. This Congress, I introduced multiple bills to boost access to precision ag technologies — the Precision Agriculture Loan (PAL) Act,  the PRECISE Act, and the LAST ACRE Act.

I’m glad that the joint FCC and USDA Precision Ag Connectivity Task Force recommended including both my PAL Act and my LAST ACRE Act in the Farm Bill.

I also led a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator last month urging the agency to treat small meat and poultry processing facilities more fairly. 

In November, we gathered together with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving and reflect on the many blessings in our lives. As we do so, we continue to remember those in our armed forces who were not able to be with their families during the holiday season.

As your Senator, I’m working to support our nation’s veterans, who have already sacrificed so much.

As a member of both the Appropriations and Armed Services Committees, I secured additional funding to recognize Nebraska’s fallen veterans through the Veterans Cemetery Grant Program. Last month, the groundbreaking was held for the Veterans Cemetery in Grand Island, which received funds from this program. This cemetery will honor these heroes and stand as a solemn tribute to their patriotism and service.

Another way I’m working for our veterans is by expanding access to commercial driving license (CDL) schools. Right now, red tape prevents some veterans from utilizing their GI benefits to enter the trucking industry, which is vital to our economy. I introduced the Veteran Improvement Commercial Driver License Act to alleviate these burdens. Last month, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved my bill. I’ll keep working with my colleagues in the House to get this legislation to the President’s desk. 

Survivors of domestic violence should never have to live in fear of their abusers. That’s why I introduced the Safe Connections Act, which was signed into law last year. My legislation helps survivors of domestic violence and other crimes cut ties with their abusers and separate from shared wireless service plans, which can be exploited to monitor, stalk, or control victims.

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took action to implement my legislation — ensuring that survivors have the tools they need to safeguard their communications and connect securely with critical services.



Senate Unanimously Approves Fischer’s Bipartisan Legislation to Expand Vets’ Access to CDL Schools
Bill would add electric vehicle fees to boost Highway Trust Fund

After years of waiting, USDA facility at Innovation Campus will start construction next year

Fischer Applauds FCC Action Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence

Sen. Fischer reintroduces Real MEAT Act to eliminate consumer confusion

Nebraska’s Fischer reintroduces Real MEAT Act 


Fischer Welcomes Groundbreaking for Nebraska Veterans Cemetery in Grand Island

Fischer Reintroduces Real MEAT Act to End Deceptive Labeling of Imitation Meat Products, Stop Smear Campaign Against Real Beef and Pork

Fischer Legislation Removes Barriers to Precision Ag Technologies

Fischer Leads Letter Urging EPA to Consider Impact of Proposed Rulemaking on Small Meat and Poultry Processing Facilities

Fischer, Casey Introduce Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act, Investing in Rural Communities

Fischer Introduces Bill to Return Improperly Seized Army Corps of Engineers Land Back to Nebraska’s Winnebago Tribe



It was great to speak with Nutrien about the company’s presence in our state and the importance of a strong Farm Bill for Nebraska’s producers.
Had the opportunity to visit with members of the Gering Fort-Laramie and Goshen Irrigation Districts about the critical importance of irrigation infrastructure and other projects that can assist Nebraskans, like the Gering-Fort Laramie tunnel.
Always great to meet with Associated Equipment Distributors and learn more about its work to support producers across Nebraska and around the globe!
Had a great meeting with Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers. We talked about the Farm Bill and ways to support our state's #1 industry, agriculture.
I met with leaders of Nebraska's Winnebago Tribe and discussed my Winnebago Land Transfer Act that returns land to the tribe.

Thank you for participating in the democratic process.

Deb Fischer
U.S. Senator for Nebraska

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