Dear Friend,

Last month, I joined legislation fighting back against President Biden’s executive overreach. I highlighted the need to respond to growing international threats posed by China and Russia. I also demanded answers to the devastating crisis at our Southern Border.

Read more below to see what I have been working on for the people of Nebraska recently.



Since taking office, President Biden has repeatedly demonstrated an obsession with issuing unhelpful and unnecessary regulations.

Nebraskans know that excessive red tape devastates our economy and harms our communities. That’s why I’m working to stop the President’s woke agenda in its tracks.

I introduced legislation last month to push back on the Biden administration’s misguided rule increasing emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles. This rule would hurt hardworking truck drivers by increasing vehicle costs and deal a serious blow to good-paying jobs. It will also harm consumers who rely on trucking to bring goods to markets quickly and affordably.

I’ve also supported legislative efforts by my colleagues to overturn other reckless regulations imposed by the administration. These include measures to:

  • Reverse President Biden’s woke environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) rule that plays games with Americans’ retirement funds.
  • Fight the administration’s Veterans Affairs rule that would funnel taxpayer dollars to facilitate abortions.

As your Senator, I’ll keep pushing to stop these overreaching regulations before they damage the livelihoods of Nebraskans.


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) cannot be trusted, and it’s critical that we present a united front against any foreign attempt to chip away at our national security. One way threats are infiltrating our nation is through companies with ties to the CCP purchasing agricultural property and moving in next door to our military bases.

This is why I’ve cosponsored the Foreign Adversary Risk Management (FARM) Act. The FARM Act would recognize the national security implications of our agricultural sector by placing the Secretary of Agriculture on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS). CFIUS is a team of government officials who review and then approve or deny foreign investment acquisitions in America. The FARM Act would also classify agriculture supply chains as critical infrastructure and critical technologies on a federal level to ensure that their security is prioritized. 

I was proud to sign onto this bill to protect Nebraska producers and our sensitive military facilities. 




As part of its far-left agenda, the Biden administration continues to put forward extreme nominees to important government positions that would negatively impact Nebraskans. 

Last month, President Biden and Senate Democrats tried once again to push a radical and biased nominee, Gigi Sohn, as a new commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC has a crucial role in supporting Americans’ cable, radio, TV, satellite, and phone communications, no matter where they live. As I’ve said before during multiple committee hearings, I have serious concerns with Ms. Sohn’s extreme record. 

I cannot support a nominee who:

  • Wants to put rural broadband access on the back burner.
  • Jeopardized local broadcast stations.
  • Supported the defund the police movement.
  • Already has a track record of unethical behavior while working at the FCC.

President Biden should withdraw Ms. Sohn’s nomination immediately. 



Nebraskans were rightfully outraged when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sent a spy balloon into sovereign American airspace.

This was a serious incursion that demands answers. But it’s important to understand that spy balloons are not even close to the scariest thing Beijing has up its sleeve. 

As the Ranking Member on the subcommittee overseeing our nuclear forces, I recently penned an op-ed about China’s rapidly growing nuclear arsenal, which poses a direct threat to global stability.

Then there’s Russia, which recently announced it had “suspended” its involvement in a nuclear arms control treaty.

These two developments are proof that now is not the time to shortchange our national security. I’ve called on President Biden to work with us in Congress to speed up the modernization of our nuclear deterrent and ensure our military has the tools and personnel it needs to keep this country safe.


Last month, I spoke on the Senate floor to highlight the alarming rise of human trafficking at our southern border. 

Under the Biden administration, our border has become a hotbed of criminal activity, especially of trafficking helpless women and children.

The changes the administration has made have only exacerbated this crisis. People entrusted with the care of unaccompanied children no longer have to undergo public record and sex offender registry checks — all in the interest of moving migrants into our country and out of federal custody more quickly. 

While the President ignores this humanitarian crisis, my colleagues and I want to fix it by ending his irresponsible federal policies and finding real solutions. 

Click HERE to watch full video of my speech.


I enjoyed speaking with the Nebraska Wheat Growers Association and the Nebraska Wheat Board last month to discuss the importance of crop insurance and trade programs in the upcoming Farm Bill.

It was great to meet with the leaders from the Columbus, Norfolk, and Fremont Chambers of Commerce. We had a meaningful discussion about how to grow our economy and address ongoing staffing challenges across our state.

Last month, the Dawson County Cattlemen named me an honorary member. I enjoyed time with them at their annual banquet. The livestock sector is the economic engine of Nebraska, and we must share our message about good stewardship of the land.


I appreciated meeting with the Border Patrol Union leaders to discuss last year’s historic surge in migrant encounters at the southern border — and the even larger surge our country will face over the next two years if real action isn’t taken to secure our borders. Border patrol officers continue to fulfill their duties each and every day, despite the roadblocks being introduced repeatedly by President Biden.

I was grateful to meet with Sheriff Mark Overman (Scotts Bluff County) and Sheriff Alan Moore (Saline County) to discuss federal programs that support Nebraska law enforcement. Effective information sharing among local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies is critical for countering crime and keeping communities safe.

I enjoyed speaking with leaders from the U.S. Department of Agriculture about the importance of crop insurance and ensuring a strong safety net in this year’s Farm Bill.


As a proud alum of the program, I enjoyed welcoming members of the Nebraska LEAD Program to Washington to talk about the future of agriculture and strong leadership opportunities in the Nebraska agriculture industry.

It was good to meet with representatives from the Nebraska YMCA Youth and Government. We discussed the best ways to support young people and provide more opportunities for students to grow and succeed.

I had a great discussion with Tayler and Emma from Special Olympics Nebraska about their experience with Special Olympics and how we can work together to empower individuals with disabilities.

I appreciated speaking to the Nebraska Defense Research Corporation about modernizing our nuclear forces, upholding strong relationships between the government and private industry, and ensuring our command and control architecture is reliable and effective.

While in Tecumseh, I had the opportunity to tour the Johnson County Hospital. We had a meaningful discussion about the importance of rural health care and the 340B Program, which helps maintain health care access for low-income patients.

The Arbor Day Foundation was founded in Nebraska and has a rich history as one of the world’s largest nonprofit membership organizations for planting trees. I enjoyed seeing the many attractions in nature that people of all ages enjoy at the Arbor Day Farm.


I appreciated touring the Garner Industries facility and speaking with staff about their work this month. In 1953, Garner Industries was a small tool and die company. Today, it’s a top manufactured parts company headquartered right here in Nebraska.

Thank you for reading this update and being part of the democratic process.

Deb Fischer
U.S. Senator for Nebraska

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