Oct 30 2015

October Newsletter

Dear Friend,

Representing you and the great state of Nebraska is an honor. Each month, I enjoy providing you with an update on my work here in the Senate. This month, I am excited to debut this new update to my monthly newsletter. I hope you will enjoy these updates and continue to contact my office for help in dealing with the federal government. Also, don’t forget to check out our new “tell a friend” feature.

This month, I was glad to see Bob Rossiter’s nomination for the federal bench in Nebraska move forward. Mr. Rossiter had his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee a few weeks ago, and I was happy to testify before the committee in support of his nomination. Just yesterday, the committee officially approved his nomination. It now heads to the Senate floor and I look forward to voting for Mr. Rossiter before the end of the year.

Read on for more news of the month, and Happy Halloween!

A Visit to My Alma Mater

This month, I returned to the halls of my high school. It’s been quite a few years since I attended Lincoln Southeast High School, and I was delighted to learn of the wonderful opportunities for current students from Principal Brent Toalson. 

I also visited with Dr. Steve Joel, the superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools. During our time together, we discussed several important education policy issues, including the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which is a current issue before Congress. Thank you to the great teachers and students at Lincoln Southeast who truly made my return to campus a wonderful experience.

One Step Closer to a Long-Term Highway Bill

Communities, families, businesses, and the traveling public deserve greater certainty and reliability when it comes to investing in our nation’s transportation network. The Senate has already completed its work and earlier this month, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee passed a long-term highway bill. This means Congress is one step closer to delivering a multi-year highway bill. As this process continues to move forward, I remain committed to achieving a long-term solution for improving our nation’s infrastructure both in Nebraska and across the entire nation. We must continue to spur economic growth and strengthen the safety of roads, highways, and bridges for future generations.

A Victory Against WOTUS

Also this month, the U.S Court of Federal Appeals for the Sixth Circuit suspended the national implementation of the Obama administration’s “waters of the United States” rule, more commonly known as WOTUS. This decision is good news for families and communities in Nebraska and across the nation. Since this rule was first proposed, I have heard from countless Nebraskans, businesses, agriculture producers, and community officials across our state. The response over the far-reaching impact of this rule has been overwhelming. 

While a previous court decision halted the implementation of WOTUS in Nebraska, the Sixth Circuit’s decision brings greater strength to eliminating this misguided rule altogether.

What Now, Mr. President?

Nebraskans and all Americans have a simple question for the commander in chief: what’s next in Syria? This month, the administration acknowledged that the training of Syrian rebels is a failure. While it is somewhat encouraging to see the administration, at long last, acknowledge the facts on the ground, it remains clear we have lost valuable time and opportunities waiting for them to address this situation.

It is the president’s responsibility to develop and execute a strategy that will actually achieve his stated goal of degrading and destroying ISIL. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I stand ready to provide the needed oversight for any plan moving forward.


Senator Deb Fischer

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