Weekly Column

This month marks the beginning of the 118th Congress, a fresh opportunity for the U.S. Senate to unite and accomplish important goals for the American people. My priority this new Congress will remain the same: to advocate for the people of Nebraska. As a mom, rancher, former schoolboard member, and former State Senator in Nebraska’s Unicameral, I am committed to delivering results that benefit our great state and its residents.

One way I deliver for Nebraskans is through my work on the Senate Agriculture Committee. The committee is gearing up to write a new Farm Bill, a vital package of legislation that widely affects agriculture policy for five years after it is passed. I have heard from family farmers and ranchers about protecting the farm safety net, gaps in the federal programs, and possible improvements.

During this difficult period of inflation, Nebraskan producers want to drive down input costs and improve resource management. That is why I wrote the Precision Agriculture Loan Act, which would expand access to cutting-edge technologies for smaller farmers. I’ve also drafted legislation that would provide farmers and ranchers with quick and efficient disaster relief. These are the kinds of solutions that producers are hoping to see in the Farm Bill.

I also serve on the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, which oversees everything from technology to railroads to interstate commerce. This Congress, we plan to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the next five years. Considering recent problems with national air service, it is essential that we thoroughly review the Biden Administration’s nominee to lead the agency 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will release a new Broadband Deployment Locations Map this year, directed by my amendment to the 2021 infrastructure bill. For the first time, this map will display all federal broadband deployment projects, maximizing the unserved areas that federal broadband programs help connect. I will monitor progress on the map, and broadband access will remain one of my crucial priorities on the Commerce Committee.

My position on the Armed Services Committee will continue this Congress as well. As Ranking Member of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, I oversee efforts to modernize our nuclear deterrent – the bedrock of our national security – and support the men and women of STRATCOM and SPACECOM. Each year, our committee writes the National Defense Authorization Act, a bill determining policies and budget for the U.S. Department of Defense and certain Department of Energy programs. I always work hard to secure defense necessities for all of our military men and women.

Finally, I am excited to share that I am joining the Senate Appropriations Committee, which helps shape the federal government’s spending policies. This new position will ensure Nebraskans have a stronger voice at the table when it comes to reining in irresponsible spending and fighting President Biden’s radical agenda. The people of Nebraska deserve responsible federal spending that invests in our military, takes care of our veterans, and addresses the core duties of a federal government.

This past year was tough on communities across Nebraska, where many are grappling with soaring inflation and natural disasters, but through it all, Nebraskans have been strong. It is an honor to serve the great state of Nebraska and all of you who live here. I am committed to using all these committee assignments to continue delivering for Nebraskans every single day.

Thank you for participating in the democratic process. I look forward to visiting with you again next week.