Provisions Strengthen Nuclear Deterrence, Address Biden’s Weak Counterterrorism Strategy, & Combat Threats from Russia, China

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the top Republican on the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, yesterday voted in favor of advancing the James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023.

 Sen. Fischer successfully secured a series of national security provisions in the Senate’s NDAA that:

  • Strengthen U.S. nuclear deterrence
  • Address weakness of Biden’s counterterrorism strategy in Afghanistan
  • Holds Putin and Russia accountable
  • Combats China’s propaganda efforts in Hollywood

“I’m pleased to have secured key provisions that strengthen our nuclear posture, address flaws in Biden’s counterterrorism strategy, and tackle the various national security challenges posed by Russia and China. The broad, bipartisan support for these provisions demonstrates the importance of addressing these challenges head on,” said Sen. Fischer.

 Strengthening Nuclear Deterrence

Senator Fischer worked with her colleagues to overturn a proposal by the Biden administration to cancel the Sea Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM) program. Because of her efforts, the FY 23 Senate NDAA continues funding SLCM, a key unfunded requirement of the STRATCOM Commander. It authorizes $20.0 million to continue the NNSA’s research and development of the W80-4 ALT-Sea-Launched Cruise Missile Warhead, and $25 million for the Navy’s development of a missile body.

Addressing Weakness of Biden’s Counterterrorism Strategy in Afghanistan

 Senator Fischer has repeatedly raised concerns about flaws in the Biden administration’s counterterrorism strategy, including our lack of reliable partners on the ground, lack of intelligence and strike assets close to the battlefield, and lack of assured access to airspace. She successfully fought for language included in FY 23 NDAA that directs the Department of Defense to report specifically on its plans to address glaring weaknesses in our counterterrorism strategy in Afghanistan.

Holding Putin & Russia Accountable

 Responsibility for Russia’s horrific invasion of Ukraine lies squarely with Putin and his brazen aggression, imperial ambition, and contempt for the international order. The United States should proceed with a policy towards Russia that accepts this reality and remains committed to confronting the Russian tyrant’s activities. Senator Fischer’s amendments to the FY 2023 Senate NDAA to prohibit cooperation with the Russian military and sharing missile defense information with Russia were approved by the committee. An act of Congress would be required to allow cooperation and sharing with Russia in the future.

Combating China’s Propaganda Efforts in Hollywood

 The Chinese Communist Party often looks to leverage its economic ties to Hollywood to pre-emptively censor “threatening” content and promote pro-China propaganda. Senator Fischer successfully included a provision in the Senate FY 2023 NDAA that prohibits the Department of Defense from participating in entertainment projects with ties to the Chinese government. This includes productions in which a producer or other members of the project seek pre-approval of their content from Chinese censors, or if the contents of a project are modified as a result of pressure from the Chinese government.

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