Jul 19 2017

Fischer Honors Proud Legacy of Nebraska Veterans

Delivers Firsthand Accounts of NE Veterans’ Service to Library of Congress

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) continued her efforts to preserve the legacy of Nebraska veterans by contributing to the Veterans History Project (VHP). Fischer presented the Library of Congress with 20 interviews from Nebraska veterans and people close to them. Her office has been collecting these firsthand accounts over the past several years.

“Nebraska has a proud history of military service and with the Veterans History Project, we can preserve that history for future generations. Through in-person interviews, written journals, and photos, our veterans have shared their experiences with their fellow Nebraskans, and now they are sharing them with the American people. It’s truly an honor to present these extraordinary accounts of courage, service, and comradery to be archived in the world’s largest library,” said Senator Fischer.

Senator Fischer presented accounts from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Afghan War, and the Iraq War.

Congress created the VHP in 2000. The program promotes the collection of firsthand accounts from U.S. veterans and the civilians who supported them during wartime so they can be accessible for future generations. The accounts range from veterans who served in World War I to those who served in the Iraq War.

The names and service records of the Veterans History Project submissions are as follows:

  • Philip Allen, Lincoln, Neb., Vietnam War
  • Patricia Bott, Lincoln, Neb., World War II
  • Hannah Dorcey, Seward, Neb., Iraq War
  • Christian Garcia, Bennington, Neb., Afghan & Iraq War
  • Everett Giles, Lincoln, Neb., Korean War
  • Garland Going, Lincoln, Neb., Korean War
  • Derald Hageman, Lincoln, Neb., World War II
  • Albert Hamersky, Lincoln, Neb., World War II
  • Bill Hunt, Lincoln, Neb., World War II & Korean War
  • Norvel Jacobs, Lincoln, Neb., World War II
  • Brian Kane, Wynnewood, Penn., Iraq War
  • Gayle Lebsack, Lincoln, Neb., Korean War
  • Bruce McBride, Lincoln, Neb., Korean War
  • Wallace Mumford, Lincoln, Neb., Korean War
  • Paul Nordstrom, Lincoln, Neb., Korean War
  • Warren Oppegard, Lincoln, Neb., World War II
  • Jess Smith, Lincoln, Neb., Korean War
  • Roy Stubbendick, Lincoln, Neb., World War II
  • Bob Taylor, Lincoln, Neb., Korean War
  • Max Wilson, Lincoln, Neb., World War II

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