Decision Follows Fischer Letter Calling for USDA to Examine Unfair Practices

LINCOLN, NEB. – Today the U.S. Department of Agriculture decided that they will expand the investigation into pricing margins that was launched following the Holcomb, Kansas fire to include potential unfair market practices during the COVID-19 crisis. U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee yesterday sent a letter calling for this exact action by USDA.

"After hearing from so many Nebraskans about potential unfair practices in the beef packing industry, I knew something needed to be done. I thank USDA for taking this action I requested on behalf of Nebraska’s cattle producers and feeders. Expanding the scope of this investigation to cover COVID market disruption is the first step towards ensuring fairness throughout the beef supply chain,” said Senator Fischer

COVID is having a major impact on cattle operations. Americans are purchasing more beef products at grocery stores and that is resulting in another round of windfall profits for meatpackers. However, cattle producers are taking price losses that threaten the viability of their businesses. Senator Fischer is taking a leading role in Congress to mitigate these issues. Read more about her efforts here.

Read Fischer’s letter to USDA here.