WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business today to explain her concerns with the Senate’s National Security Supplemental Package and its failure to properly address the southern border crisis. Senator Fischer also discussed the influx of Chinese nationals at the southern border.

During the interview, Senator Fischer criticized President Biden’s failed border policies and his neglect of national security, including the administration’s insufficient response to Iran and its proxies.

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On the Border Deal

“Well, my first priority is to make sure that America is safe. We have to secure the southern border. That doesn’t happen on this bill. It doesn’t build the wall. It doesn’t end catch-and-release, and it doesn’t reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy that President Trump had.

So, there’s numerous concerns within the bill. I do thank Senator Lankford for trying to work with the Democrats on this. But we have a bill here before us in the Senate now. It was sent over by the House, and I co-led the introduction of that here in the Senate. And that’s H.R. 2. That can be a starting point. The Democrats need to come to the table on that and try and work with us on it.”


“So, my priority has always been: secure the border. We have to make sure that this country is safe. It’s not to look at immigration policy. It’s to look at policies that secure the border, like build the wall, end catch-and-release, to be able to look at parole, look at asylum. 

Senator Lankford did look at those things, but I just don’t feel we went far enough on a lot of it. And we need to be able to come together as a conference, hold our ground, and say we need to have a stronger bill here. We need to have a stronger policy and the number one priority, secure the border.”


“You know, Maria, it’s taken a long, long time for even a few Democrats to step forward and say, ‘we have a crisis at the southern border. There is chaos at the southern border.’ You know, they’re trying to spin that now.

They own the crisis at the border. They caused the crisis at this border. President Biden, his policies created that chaos and the many, many threats that we face as a country because of it.”

On Illegal Immigration from China

“China’s a threat to this country. It’s a national security threat. So, of course, I believe that that can happen. You know, in December, we saw about 8,600 Chinese enter this country on the southern border. That’s a threat to this country.

In Nebraska and across this nation, we’re worried about the Chinese buying up land, especially near military installations. In Nebraska, in the western part of the state, we have ICBM silos with F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming. We also saw the spy balloon come over the United States, continental United States.

So, Maria, of course, I mean, you bet. China is a threat to this country. And we need to take it seriously. When they can put up instructions on TikTok and we don’t have any kind of response to that, again, this administration needs to recognize that and step up. Instead, we tiptoe around, and we do Whack a Mole. That's what the administration does here.”

On Biden’s Response to Iran 

“You know, when we look at the response of this administration to Iran and their proxies, none of us should be surprised. If you have followed President Biden’s long, long career in the Senate, as Vice President, and now as President, there is no force. There is no resolve behind him. I think he makes very poor decisions.

’ve heard it from many on my side of the aisle and across the national security community. You have to hit back hard. That’s what they understand. President Reagan was a great example of that. We don’t see that, we don't see that with this administration. They are attacking some of the proxies who killed three of our service members, but they talk about not escalating, not escalating. So, they’re afraid of Iran.” 


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