“What’s Happening is Growing Antisemitism. What’s Happening is Chaos on College Campuses. Not Free Speech, but Criminal Activity and Violence.”

At a press conference today, U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) condemned the rising antisemitism and violent protests unfolding on America’s college campuses.

During her remarks, Senator Fischer stressed that universities have an obligation to provide a safe learning environment for all students, including Jewish students, and denounced the push by some universities to cancel ceremonies or in-person classes.

Citing news reports that Hamas and Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei have publicly spoken in support of these protests, Senator Fischer discussed the horrific actions of Hamas and the Iranian government’s attempts to crack down on dissent. As Senator Fischer said, Hamas has killed babies and the elderly, and they continue to hold Americans hostage in Gaza.

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On the Rising Chaos Across America’s College Campuses:

What we're seeing on college campuses is total chaos. And we all know that universities have an obligation to provide every single one of their students a safe learning environment. That's not happening. We saw it again on the news last night. These are violent protests. This is occupying university buildings. This is breaking the law.

And then you add in the vileness of looking at other students and making disgusting, antisemitic statements to those students. Not allowing them to participate on their own campus in their educational endeavors, this is beyond the pale.

On the Inaction of University Officials: 

We certainly don't hear people speaking up on university campuses. We certainly don't see any kind of strong, positive action by university officials. Instead, we see chaos. We see vileness. We see hate. We see growing division.

On News Reports of Terrorists Supporting the Protests:

Hamas is a terrorist organization. They kill babies. They kill old people. They still have Americans held as hostages in Gaza. Report that. Report that. And now, we see these actions on campus — which Hamas supports. They're endorsing these protests.

We see the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei — he's publicly applauded the growing number of protests, the growing number of encampments that have sprung up on college campuses. 
He celebrates the flying of Hezbollah's flag in streets in the United States.

Let's be clear, do we see Iran or Hamas supporting protests in their jurisdiction? No, we don't see them supporting it. In fact, we see them cracking down on any kind of protests.

On the Need to Address Growing Antisemitism in America:

So, let's understand what's happening here in the United States. What's happening is growing antisemitism. What's happening is chaos on college campuses. Not free speech, but criminal activity and violence. And it's time that we demand that all students are protected in this country and that they have their rights protected as well.

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