Dear Friend,

March was another busy month as I traveled to the southern border and saw up close the national security crisis unfolding there. Aside from my trip, I introduced bills to lower prices at the gas pump and support our farmers and ranchers.

Read below to learn more about my work for Nebraska.


Last month, I visited our southern border to get a firsthand look at the Biden administration’s failed policies and mismanagement.

During my trip, I spoke directly with Border Patrol officers, participated in night and daytime tours of the border with law enforcement, and toured a processing center. 

My time at the southern border reinforced my concerns about the Biden administration’s harmful border policies. Border Patrol agents are doing admirable work — but it’s all with hardly a shred of support from the White House. The President’s reckless disregard for border security has turned every state, including Nebraska, into a border state. Until he and the Vice President, our “Border Czar,” start enforcing our immigration laws, there will be no end to the dangerous flow of illegal migrants and dangerous drugs into our country.

Maintaining our national security should not be a partisan goal — it should be an American one. I’ve joined bills that would:

  • Acknowledge the situation at the border as a crisis
  • Close a legal loophole perpetuating “catch and release” immigration practices
  • Require the Department of Homeland Security to complete a comprehensive strategy for securing the southern border
  • Increase the penalty for migrants who do not appear for immigration court hearings

Last month, I supported legislation to improve the lives of our veterans, who sacrifice so much to keep our nation free.

Currently, medically retired combat veterans with less than 20 years of service are not eligible to receive both retirement and disability payments. The federal government has a responsibility to provide all veterans with the complete care and benefits they deserve. I cosponsored the Major Richard Star Act to ensure combat-injured veterans are provided the full military benefits they have earned. 

I also continued to work on expanding veterans’ access to commercial driver’s license (CDL) schools. Right now, frustrating red tape prevents some of our veterans from pursuing careers in trucking, an industry that is vital to our economy. I reintroduced legislation that would reverse unnecessary regulations and allow more veterans to take advantage of their well-earned GI benefits.

After months of rising inflation, Nebraskans should be able to leverage our natural resources to enjoy lower costs at the pump. 

E15 is a critical component of our fuel mix, but outdated regulations prevent us from unleashing the full economic and environmental benefits of biofuels. 

I reintroduced bipartisan legislation last month to allow the year-round, nationwide sale of ethanol blends higher than 10%. It’s the only permanent solution that would provide the driving public with access to E15 throughout the year.

Stakeholders from the oil and gas, biofuels, agriculture, and transportation sectors have all come together to support my legislation. This a major win for American energy security, family farmers, and consumers. We’ll continue to work to make year-round E15 a reality.

Here in Nebraska, 97% of our land is privately owned. That’s why President Biden’s “America the Beautiful” plan, also known as the 30x30 Initiative, is so concerning.

At best, the President’s plan fails to recognize that private landowners are the best managers of their land. At worst, it’s yet another attempt at a land grab by the federal government. 

At a hearing last month, I demanded answers from Interior Secretary Deb Haaland on 30x30. As I told the Secretary, Congress didn’t authorize this program, and we didn’t provide any funding for it either. Right now, there is no accountability for how resources are spent and no guardrails in place to protect Nebraskans.

In the Senate, I’ll continue fighting against President Biden’s 30x30 Initiative, and I’ll always oppose efforts to expand the federal government’s control over Nebraska land.


Across Nebraska, law enforcement agencies are struggling with massive workforce challenges that jeopardize public safety. That’s why I introduced the Recruit and Retain Act.

My legislation would help understaffed law enforcement agencies cover hiring costs as they look to recruit new officers. It would also create a program facilitating partnerships between local schools and police departments to attract interest in law enforcement careers


Last month, we restarted an 80-year-old tradition: the Nebraska Breakfast! These breakfasts are one of my favorite traditions — they bring Nebraskans together in Washington, DC to discuss important issues and celebrate all our state has to offer.

It was great to meet with members of the Nebraska Legion and discuss their policy priorities for the year. Across 352 Posts, the Nebraska American Legion supports thousands of veterans around Nebraska through community engagement and tireless advocacy.

It was wonderful to meet with representatives from the Nebraska Sugarbeet Growers Association. We talked about the importance of a strong safety net, better access to crop protection tools, and infrastructure needs in Western Nebraska.

I enjoyed speaking with some members of the Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Board of Directors about the upcoming Farm Bill, my work pushing back against President Biden’s WOTUS rule, and Mexico's unacceptable ban on genetically modified corn.

I appreciated meeting with the Nebraska Veterans Coalition to consider how we can improve the delivery and access of mental health services for veterans in Nebraska.

It was great to speak with the Nebraska Soybean Association about topics impacting Nebraska growers, including the Farm Bill, trade expansion, infrastructure, biofuels, and regulatory issues.

Oxford House supports individuals recovering from addiction across our country. I appreciated meeting with members of the organization to discuss how we can help those suffering from substance abuse disorders.

I met with leaders from the Nebraska Credit Union League to talk about the Credit Union Modernization Act and other ways to support credit institutions. Nebraska’s credit unions play an important role in our communities by offering a personalized approach to financial services.

I enjoyed speaking with the Nebraska Broadcasters Association about the ways Congress can support local broadcast media, including efforts like the next generation of broadcast television (NEXTGEN TV).

The National Association of Convenience Stores supports convenience stores across Nebraska. I had a good discussion with some of its members about the issues impacting convenience stores, like inflation.

It was great to meet with representatives from the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, who represent more than 9,000 oral surgeons across the country — including many in Nebraska.

I always enjoy meeting with Nebraska firefighters. Every day, they go above and beyond to help others. I spoke with a group of them this month about ways to provide more resources for firefighters and first responders.

I enjoyed talking with members from Humanities Nebraska to hear about their work to promote the study of the humanities in Nebraska.

Every day, Multiple Sclerosis affects the lives of countless Nebraskans. I spoke with members of the National MS Society about ways to support those with Multiple Sclerosis, including increasing air travel accessibility.

I recently met with the Nebraska Veterans of Foreign Wars to discuss ways to support our veterans. We need to stop predatory actors looking to take advantage of veterans by filing false claims for VA benefits.

I enjoyed speaking with the American Library Association about ensuring libraries remain a hub for learning, expanding internet access for young children, and creating programs for children to read with their parents.

I appreciated meeting with representatives from the American Dental Association and the Student Dental Association. They work to help dentists and dental students provide quality care for Nebraskans.

It was an honor to receive the 2023 Distinguished Community Health Center Advocate Award from the Health Center Association of Nebraska (HCAN). In the Senate, I’ll continue working to support community health centers and organizations like HCAN who do so much to support underserved populations in our state.

I appreciated meeting with the National Hemophilia Foundation to speak about ways we can help those with Hemophilia better access the care and treatment they need.

It was a privilege to meet with superintendents and board members from Native American schools in Nebraska about impact aid and other ways to support Native American students.

I met with the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance this month to discuss how we can support women fighting this tragic form of cancer.

Thank you for reading this update and being part of the democratic process.


Deb Fischer
U.S. Senator for Nebraska

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